If there's one word that could describe me, that would be passion. I love to travel, I want to travel the whole wide world, to each n every nook n corner of this beautiful world before mankind destroys it all! Ask me any time for any food, and probably you won't ever hear a "No"! A connoisseur of food, I like to try out different, unique cuisines, cook for myself n others and experiment with food (now if only I was a better chef!). And yes, I'm a gadgets freak- be it mobiles, tablets, laptops or cool watches, you'll find me hooked to them! And I love to hunt down cool deals, grab freebies n win contests!! With active profiles, in Twitter, Foursquare & Google+ along with Facebook, I'm indeed a social media addict! Last but not the least, I'm a freaking Sourav Ganguly aka Dada fanatic... you can say anything about me, but trust me, you will cross a line when you say a word about Dada, my role model n idol in life!!

In a parallel universe of FRIENDS (TV Show), I'd: act like Monica, talk like Chandler, eat like Joey and I wish I could be more like Phoebe (inspired from a good friend's bio)!