Sep 16, 2011

La Tomatina controversy in India: Is it justified?

What's with the big deal around La Tomatina festival in India? I've been hearing all the people are protesting against the La Tomatina festival planned in various cities across India. Eventually, the event got cancelled as well! Their logic? It's a sheer wastage of food.

Well, is it? Really? And even if we agree it's a wastage of food, does that necessarily mean it's a bad thing? Let me reason why I feel all the hypocrisy around cancelling La Tomatina in India is absolutely unjustified!

Wastage of food- India can't afford it: Is it really a wastage of food? I don't think so! According to reports, the Bangalore edition would have required about 62,000 kg of tomatoes. Now, do you just take 62,000 kg of tomatoes off the market in one day & deprive people from eating tomatoes??!!! Hell no! Obviously these tomatoes are specially ordered and grown exclusively for this event. Just imagine how the economy would have benefited had the event gone ahead. Poor farmers would have gained a lot from the sales of these tomatoes and so would have a hundred other poor people involved directly or indirectly with this event. And no one, actually, no one would have lost anything! Tell me, does people in India die from hunger due to lack of availability of the food or simply due to that fact that they can't afford it? I think all of us know the answer!

So I would really like to know what is the hypocrisy all about protesting against La Tomatina in India? Is it merely due to the fact that we like to protest against anything and everything? Is it because it's a Western concept and we're protesting against it like we do against Valentine's Day? So don't give me the crap of wastage of food!! But I would love to hear some solid reasons from the protesters. :)